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Our goal has been to create and publish unique high-quality gluten free recipes for those people with gluten-free / wheat-free / Celiac Disease diet requirements. Now, after thousands of our GF desserts cookbooks have sold (Print and Kindle editions), we decided it was best to reach an even larger audience and simply make these Gluten Free Recipes available to all of our fellow Celiac Disease sufferers and gluten-free diet followers, here via this website.

Whether you are an individual baking at home, or a commercial bakery or restaurant that wants to gain entry to the growing Celiac and Gluten-Free / Wheat-Free market, our recipes are for you! Our recipes will produce foods truly worthy of being called gourmet and will jump-start your GF baking with incredible, quality foods that can be nearly indistinguishable from the “real” versions. Some of our gluten free recipes have even won awards competing against their gluten-containing counterparts!

Our gluten free recipes have been developed to address the needs of Celiac and Wheat-Free individuals of all ages, especially those that want to experience foods that are as good as, if not better than, the "normal" (wheat and gluten containing) versions prevalent in our society. Our collection of extraordinary recipes provide a perfect and invaluable resource for anyone preparing food for wheat-intolerant or celiac persons or groups. Even if you personally can eat gluten, these recipes have been individually crafted, tuned, tested, baked, and photographed. Now you have the required resource to even bake a great gluten-free birthday cake — one that rivals a normal cake from a bakery — for a friend or relative with Celiac Disease or gluten-intolerance and show them just how much you care (quite a few bakers using our recipes are not GF themselves)!

You get a wonderful recipe collection to bake as-is, or to extend in your own way with flavorful variations. And, if that was not enough, these recipes include pictures that are as nice to look at as they are to use — including useful pictures throughout the recipe and important baking-step pictures where helpful!

These recipes, which were developed for our extraordinary cookbooks, aim to meet these major objectives:

  • produce gluten free foods nearly indistinguishable from the “real” ones — in taste, texture, and even appearance (the foods look as good as they taste, and taste as good as they look);
  • received overwhelmingly positive feedback during taste-testing on the entire population (not just Celiacs);
  • not require special “flour mixes” — we are providing fundamental recipes, not a dependency on any special mixes or ingredients — so you can purchase your ingredients anywhere you prefer;
  • use affordable and reasonably obtainable ingredients — Nut Meals, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flours, CornStarch, Buckwheat Flour, Amaranth Flour, Sorghum Flour, and so forth;
  • avoid added vegetable-gums (Xanthan, Guar) and other exotic additives used to mimic gluten — none of the dessert recipes from our cookbook used any gums; and, we tried to minimize the use of such gums unless absolutely necessary in certain pizza-crusts and some breads;
  • easy to make, with simple concise instructions even amateur bakers can follow!

Unique to our Gluten Free Recipes featured in our Cookbooks:

  • Our gluten free foods were tested on the entire population (not just Celiacs) for an accurate comparison of our GF foods to the “real” thing (i.e., not just to GF ones).
  • Our taste-testers overwhelmingly consider our gluten free recipes bakery / restaurant quality.
  • Our gluten free recipes use rather easily acquired ingredients, like Rice Flours, CornStarch, Nut Meals, Tapioca Starch, Buckwheat, Amaranth, and Sorghum. Our recipes do not require any special flour-mixes but are instead just like traditional recipe books that detail the exact ingredient amounts particular to each recipe in order to achieve optimal results. You can use flour mixes if you prefer, but you will need to experiment with the exact replacement proportions.
  • No gums added to any dessert recipes used in our books — no Guar, Xanthan, or other added Gums. Our gluten free recipes are fine without them, though you can add them if you wish.
  • Photography to accompany every recipe — you see exactly what each and every recipe produces! And, we never use “stock photos”. What you see is what our gluten free recipes produce, without the recipes or finished products being modified in any way to produce more aesthetically appealing pictures (something typically unheard of for cookbooks)!

Our Gluten Free Recipes / Books in general:

  • Our gluten free recipe books have been developed to address the needs of Celiac (gluten free, gluten allergic, gluten intolerant) and Wheat-Free (wheat allergic, wheat intolerant) individuals of all ages. In addition, according to some medical practitioners, autistic children and kids exhibiting signs of autism may benefit from glutenfree diets.
  • We publish gluten free and wheat free recipes for people that want to experience foods that are as good as, or better than, the wheat-containing versions prevalent in our society.
  • Our recipes accommodate people with little baking experience. Many gluten free recipes here are as simple as mixing ingredients together using a mixer. If you wish to create the best gluten-free birthday cake possible for your loved one with Celiac disease, you have found the right recipes! And, if you are baking wheat-free and gluten-free desserts on a regular basis — for personal consumption or sale to the public — the recipes we created for our cookbook will provide you with some of the best gluten-free recipes ever created.

More Information and News:

Gluten-Free Recipes by Laura Eberhart:
Mike Eberhart discusses what inspired the groundbreaking GF cookbook and its recipes

I had many cookbooks in my house — many purchased in my pre-Gluten-Free days — and the one thing they nearly all had in common is a combination of great recipes and full-color photos of the foods produced. When I was first afflicted with Celiac Disease and had to adopt a gluten-free diet, my wife and I went looking for gluten-free cookbooks that were similar in quality to the rest of our cookbook collection. But, we did not encounter any — the mid-2000s were still the early-days of living gluten-free and hardly anyone even knew what Celiac Disease was.

The few gluten-free recipe books available on the market at the time were lacking on many levels. Books did not include pictures, let alone color photos, let alone color photos of each and every end-product that a recipe was supposed to produced, and finding good recipes for our early gluten-free baking attempts was more hit-and-miss than anything else. Most recipes (especially desserts and breads) in cookbooks on the market were nothing short of awful at this time (in the mid 2000s) and nearly all of the published recipes used the same ingredients and approaches that produced the same sub-par results.

That experience frustrated me considerably, as I was not willing to spend the rest of my life living without the high-quality desserts and baked-goods that I had known before developing this gluten-allergy! I refused to accept mediocrity, or worse, as an acceptable substitute for quality foods, just because gluten could not be introduced into recipes. I was told that GF foods had to be that way and could not be like regular baked goods. Total nonsense! I was convinced that the answer was to simply ignore established approaches to gluten-free baking and start from scratch: learning, developing, and perfecting the methods required to produce the many dessert recipes which ultimately arose and formed the truly extraordinary collection in our cookbook.

The book conceived was designed to deliver that “coffee table” cookbook feel, along with great glutenfree recipes, to the Celiac and Gluten-Free community. Even if the number of books sold was low, I knew that “bigger names” in the business would take notice of how we broke new ground in this industry and made a very forthright attempt to “raise the bar” for gluten-free cookbooks and baked products in general. Our cookbook was the first gluten-free desserts recipe book on the market produced completely in full-color throughout and showing visual proof of what each and every one of our quality-tested recipes produced — what appeared in the book images is what each recipe produced : every recipes was baked per directions and then pictures were taken of it. The results speaks for themselves — thousands of books sold and it received a perfect 5-out-of-5 rating on Amazon (Kindle edition).

I am quite thankful I had a supportive family, otherwise this GF desserts book would never have existed. I may have had the early vision and dreams for such a recipe book, but it only came into existence thanks to the tireless efforts of my wife (who spent nearly two years creating and baking these awesome recipes), my daughter (who also helped create recipes while she performed book editing tasks), and even my mother (who joined in and created a few GF versions of old-time family favorite recipes from her own mother and grandmother).

I, like all other gluten-free / Celiac persons, want to live life to the fullest and not feel encumbered by the dietary restrictions of a lifelong disease. The best way to overcome the initial trauma or shock of discovering that you can no longer eat all those favorite (“normal”) birthday cakes, pies, cookies, tarts, and such is to find a safe replacement that is just as good (if not better) than the original. So, I hope our Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free Gourmet Dessert Recipes Book has allowed people to quickly make the transition to an enjoyable and fulfilling gluten-free life. You now have fantastic desserts to look forward to — the fact they are gluten-free will no longer mean that you are missing your favorite birthday cakes and other desserts of yesterday!

I thank everyone who supported me and my family throughout the development of the book and the recipes, and appreciate everyone who purchased a copy while we offered it for sale! And, as you enjoy your gluten-free desserts, I will enjoy knowing the time invested in these recipes and this book has made you and others with Celiac Disease regain a sense of normalcy and culinary satisfaction in your diet.


Reader and Baker Testimonials

" ... your dessert recipes are different!! They are spectacular! And I can't wait to try the rest of them! Most celiacs (or those on a gluten free diet anyway) have gotten so used to mediocrity... and it doesn't have to be that way! NO MORE MEDIOCRITY!"
Kelly S., Ontario, OH

"I made the Chocolate Ganache Cake (p. 20) with my own icing for my dad's birthday. Dad has been on a Gluten-Free diet since the early 80s. This is the best cake he has had since then. He was blown away by how moist it is."
J. Pillsbury , Lawrenceville, NJ

"This is a beautiful cookbook. Very thorough, great layout and the photos are outstanding. Excellent all around, I am so thrilled that I ordered this!!"
D. Latham, Raleigh, NC

"...Our gluten free daughter has been putting it [cake] in her packed lunch for school all week, so it obviously was a hit.... The book itself is gorgeous - beautifully produced, with great pictures (one for each recipe, which I think is important), good, clear instructions, and a big easy-to-read type-face."
Lucy (Free-From Blog), UK

I made the carrot cake from your cookbook for a birthday party.  After tasting it, I realized how I had almost forgotten what "real" cake tastes like!  It was almost a religious experience....LOL!!! Read More...
L. Hill, Boston MA